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Welcome to the world of Elexis

The approach of Greek cuisine based on premium locally sourced ingredients and cooking techniques from around the world, along with strong emphasis on service and hospitality, are the star ingredients of the philosophy of our restaurant.
Based on the rich culinary history of Greece and emphasizing on the farm-to-table dining concept, Elexis has its own gastronomic identity offering a modern expression in the creation and presentation of dishes. Our chefs fuse local recipes with international techniques to present a menu that is creative and, above all, delicious.
Our wine selection includes celebrated and rare labels from wineries in Greece and foreign domaines, chosen to complement the dishes we serve. Our cocktail list is designed to pair with the menu and the flavours and textures of our dishes, fostering a dining experience to remember.

Elexis restaurant Hermoupolis


Jumpstart your day with a rich breakfast full of flavour and aromas, made from pure and fresh ingredients of the Cycladic land. Breakfast is served indoors and in the courtyard of the hotel, where every guest is an honored guest.
Enjoy our handmade creations from carefully selected fresh produce, such as freshly baked bread and pies, local thyme honey and our own homemade jams and marmalades and cheese varieties from local producers. Combine them with aromatic coffees, fresh juices, drinks and teas. Each dish is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation that celebrates local ingredients with a contemporary twist.

Ask your waiter about our vegan-friendly and gluten-free menu options. 

The culinary journey at Elexis is co-signed by Trastelis Group.

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